perfume electronic workshop voucher

Workshop date 26.4.2020

2.999 Kč

Discover the world of fragrances! The best introduction to perfume creation. Our guided workshops take you step by step into this magical and emotional world of perfumery. At the end of the session you will be able to create a unique fragrance from a variety of perfumery ingredients. This is and hands-on session, providing you with a foundation in perfume creation.

It’s all about awakening your inner nose, creation and emotions!

Experience a unique fragrance workshop and create your personal bespoke perfume. You will design your very own fragrance with step by step guidance.

Suitable for any level. You will learn, analyse and describe a selection of individual perfumery raw materials and you will learn the techniques and formulation in this industry.

Duration 3hr 30

Access to perfumery ingredients

20ml personal unique perfume

A workbook filled with information learnt during the class

Your perfume formula (re-order 50ml bottles)

Limited to 12 participants thus ensuring that everyone receives the attention they deserve

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