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Our values

All of our products have an emphasis on organic and high quality ingredients, ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly packaging. In addition to creating products that give you impressive long-term results, we also create our products to practice mindfulness. We believe that the daily ritual of skin care helps you to connect with your inner self. Deep inhalation of the sensual aromas is beneficial not only to your skin but also to your soul. We see beauty and wellness as a holistic process; this loving ritual should be a divine way to take time for you. Working with natural ingredients, using the power of natural oils attuned with the vibration of gemstones means working in a holistic way. We believe the skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside both the body and mind. The best serum formula will mean nothing unless you are taking care of yourself wholly, both the inside and out. Breathe deeply and start by taking a few minutes to ritualise your skin care. Enjoy your journey!



What is luxury today? Is it wearing expensive designers clothes? Is it living in the centere of a trendy city or is it diving in a lake at dawn with the quietcalming nature around us? For everyone the answer is different. For us, luxury means our Bohemian unspoiled nature in the mountains, dark nights with stars, being woken up by birds, enjoying the fruits and vegetables from our garden, surrounded by our loved ones. Our old wooden country cottages, miles apart from one another. 

The luxury of four seasons with our freezing winters and temperature, which drops below -20C. This harsh weather makes the plants very resilient and powerful. Crystal clear mountain rivers, strong wind, harsh winter and sunny days make us humble facing so much power. The heritage of our ancestors deeply built within us. The wisdom and respect for nature, which has been passed from generation to generation.

Luxury cosmetics for us is the osmosis of our free Bohemian spirit and the most precious and rare botanical extracts. 



We are passionate pioneers of natural active technologies. We are now on the top of a new wave and able to create a new kind of revolutionary skin care for you. We are very excited to take part in this historical moment when the cosmetics world is changing and hearing the people’s voices for natural alternative to chemical skin care. 

Big laboratories and scientists are intensively working to discover natural replacements for functional ingredients such as: preservatives, silicones, emulsifiers, solubiliser, UV filters etc. Few eyes ago it was impossible to create fully natural, organic products with good spread, nice smell and efficacy because of the lack of those functional materials. We are taking part in organic international fairs and getting the newest development to be able to formulate our products with the best material and field experts.


Yage organics is a sensual collection of eco-luxe beauty products with significantly high percentage of active ingredients and the most precious and rare botanical extracts, which are Cosmos approved.  

Our products are tested in laboratories in UK and Germany. 

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