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A new generation of conscious perfumes to activate neural pathways for targeted emotional responses - NEUROSCENTS.

 Introducing Yage Natural Fragrances - Your Journey to Emotional Well-being

 Yage Fragrances are not just perfumes; they're a journey for your senses and emotions. We believe in the power of scent to transform your mood, calm your anxiety and enhance your overall wellbeing. This is where beauty and wellness come together in one bottle. 

Our fragrances aren't just about smelling good, they're about feeling good. Each Yage fragrance is carefully designed to evoke specific emotional benefits, making them more than just fragrances; they are companions on your journey to inner peace and joy.

 Petra, the creative mind behind these exquisite fragrances, is unwavering in her dedication to using the finest natural ingredients. Her small laboratory near Prague is the exclusive birthplace of her fragrances. The production processes are labour-intensive and carried out in small batches. All of these factors elevate the product's quality well beyond its quantity. Educated in the vibrant city of London, she continues to be inspired by both London and her hometown of Prague. While the dynamic energy of these cities fuels her creativity, Petra also recognises the need to recharge in nature. Her travels around the world, influenced by Ayurvedic wisdom, naturopathy, folklore and Amazonian legends, have all contributed to her unique fragrances. In her story, urban and natural worlds coexist, resulting in extraordinary scents born of passion and inspiration. These are fragments of half-forgotten myths, memories and landscapes that invite you to embark on a unique olfactory adventure. It's a fragrance collection born of passion, inspiration and a commitment to creating something truly extraordinary.